The Ultimate Field Guide for common Southern African Snakes is a scientific breakthrough in species identification.

Get comprehensive species information - quickly and easily

Incredible detail on almost 60 Southern African Snakes

Get detailed species information on Snake Bite Treatment

Full-color photographs
Afrikaans, Zulu, Shona and Tswana species names
Quick reference conservation and activity icons
Species description
Habitat and Distribution
Diet and Enemies
Behavior and habits
Venom and dentition
Scale Counts

First Aid information for Snake Bite treatment

Utilises unique, world-first identification keys:

identify species with the Colour Key
identify species with the Head Shape key
identify species with the Markings Key
identify species with the Venom Key
identify species with the Dentition Key

Find all snake species endemic to certain area with the amazing Distribution Matrix

Easy to use. The Ultimate Field Guide is based on web conventions. If you are at this page you can use The Ultimate Field Guide

A gold mine of information with 3,000 hyperlinks for cross-reference



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