To help identify animals easily and quickly, 3 world-first identification keys have been introduced.

The keys allow the rapid and easy identification of animals through elimination of various categories through a drill-down operation - a category is selected and the criteria are narrowed down until the animal has been positively identified.

 Silhouette Identification Key

The Silhouette identification key allows the identification of an animal by silhouette. Animals have been categorized by size:

  • Very small animals, which include, Hedgehogs, Bushbabies, Mongooses, Hares, Squirrels, Hyraxes and small Antelope
  • Medium-sized animals which include Baboon, Jackals and Foxes, Aardwolf, Small Cats, Antbear, Pigs, medium-sized Antelope
  • Large animals which include Wild Dog, Spotted Hyena, Brown Hyena, Large Cats, Zebras, large Antelope
  • Very large animals which comprise Rhinoceroses, Hippopotamus, Giraffe and Elephant


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Track Identification Key

Animal tracks have been classified  for the first time into 6 key categories to enable the identification of larger mammals:

  • Rounded Tracks which include the Cape Hare, Scrub Hare, Hartmann's Mountain, Cape Mountain Zebra, Burchell's Zebra, Black Rhinoceros, White Rhinoceros  and  Elephant

  • Track toes elongated and connected to pad with no claw marks which include the Lesser Bushbaby, Thick-tailed Bushbaby, Rock, Tree Hyrax, Yellow-spot Hyrax, Vervet Monkey, Baboon  and Hippopotamus

  • Tracks unattached to pad with no claw marks which include the Large spotted Genet, Small spotted Genet, Serval, Small spotted Cat, African Wildcat, Caracal, Clawless Otter, Leopard and Lion

  • Tracks unattached with claw marks are subdivided into 2 categories:
    Tracks unattached with claw marks shorter than 5cm which include the Dwarf Mongoose, Hedgehog, Tree Squirrel, Slender Mongoose, Striped Weasel, Banded Mongoose, Striped Polecat, Selous' Mongoose, Greater cane rat, Meller's Mongoose, Suricate, Small Grey Mongoose, Yellow Mongoose, Ground Squirrel and White-tailed Mongoose
    Tracks unattached with claw marks longer than 5cm which include Cape Fox, Large Grey Mongoose, Black-backed Jackal, Spotted-necked Otter, African Civet, Bat-eared Fox, Side-striped Jackal, Aardwolf, Porcupine, Water Mongoose, Honey Badger, Spotted, Brown Hyena, Wild Dog and Cheetah

  • Cloven-hoofed tracks are subdivided into 3 categories:
    Cloven-hoofed tracks less than 5cm which include Blue Duiker, Klipspringer, Suni, Sharpe's Grysbok, Damara Dik-dik, Oribi, Grysbok, Red Duiker, Common Duiker, Steenbok, Bushbuck and Springbuck
    Cloven-hoofed tracks 5-10cm which include Warthog, Bushpig, Grey, Puku, Blesbok, Bontebok, Nyala, Mountain Reedbuck, Blue Wildebeest, Black Wildebeest, Reedbuck, Impala, Red Lechwe, Tsessebe, Waterbuck, Lichtenstein's Hartebeest and Sitatunga
    Cloven-hoofed tracks more than 10cm which include the Kudu, Gemsbuck, Red Hartebeest, Roan, Eland, Sable, Buffalo and Giraffe

  • Other Tracks are tracks that just defy conventional description: they are the Spring Hare, Pangolin and Antbear

Dung Identification Key

Mammal dung has been classified into 4 specific categories:

  • Elongated dung, subdivided into 2 categories:
    Elongated dung shorter than 5cm which include the Hedgehog, Bat-eared Fox, Dwarf Mongoose, African Wildcat, Small spotted Cat, Caracal, Spotted-necked Otter, Selous' Mongoose, White-tailed Mongoose, Slender Mongoose, Honey Badger, Porcupine, Black-backed Jackal, Side-striped Jackal, Striped Weasel, Clawless Otter, Small spotted Genet, Yellow Mongoose, Banded Mongoose and Suricate
    Elongated dung longer that 5cm
    which include Small Grey Mongoose, Leopard, Meller's Mongoose, Wild Dog, Cheetah, Large spotted Genet, Bushpig, African Civet, Aardwolf, Spotted, Brown Hyena, Serval, Cape Fox, Large Grey Mongoose, Baboon, and Lion
  • Rounded dung which include the Pangolin,  Warthog, White Rhinoceros, Black Rhinoceros, Hippopotamus and Elephant
  • Pellets are subdivided into 3 categories:
    Clustered pellets which include the Bushbuck, Mountain Reedbuck, Springbuck, Black Wildebeest, Waterbuck, Puku, Sitatunga and Sable
    Loose pellets shorter than 1cm which include the Suni, Sharpe's Grysbok, Klipspringer, Common Duiker, Red Duiker, Blue Duiker, Grysbok, Steenbok, Tree Squirrel, Rock, Yellow-spot Hyrax, Tree Hyrax, Damara Dik-dik, Oribi  and Grey Rheebuck
    Loose pellets longer than 1cm
    which include the Scrub Hare, Cape Hare, Ground Squirrel, Spring Hare, Blesbok, Bontebok, Reedbuck, Impala, Scrub Hare, Black Wildebeest, Gemsbuck, Red Hartebeest, Lichtenstein's Hartebeest, Red Lechwe, Nyala, Sitatunga, Puku, Greater cane rat, Sable, Blue Wildebeest, Tsessebe, Roan, Kudu, Eland, Giraffe, Antbear, Cape Mountain Zebra, Hartmann's Mountain Zebra  and Burchell's Zebra
  • Shapeless dung which include the Lesser Bushbaby, Water Mongoose, Vervet Monkey, Striped Polecat, Thick-tailed Bushbaby and Buffalo




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