To help identify snakes quickly and easily and quickly, 5 world-first unique identification keys have been introduced.

The keys allow the rapid and easy identification of snakes through elimination of various categories through a drill-down operation - a category is selected and the criteria are narrowed down until the snake has been positively identified.

Head Shape Key

Species have been categorised by head shape:

 Normal, Sharp, Triangular, Blunt, Coffin-shaped and undefined



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Markings Key

Species can be identified by their markings:

No markings, Barred, Triangles,  Spotted and  Striped

Venom Key

Species can also be identified by the venom and danger to man. Classifications are Harmless, Can bite but not venomous, Mildly venomous, Venomous and Extremely venomous.

Dentition Key

Species are also classified by the type of dentition. Categories are No Fangs, Back Fanged , Fixed Front Fangs,  and Hinged Front Fangs

Colour Key

Colour remains a useful way to identify species. Eight predominant colours are used for species identification.

Distribution Key

The unique Southern Africa Snakes Distribution Matrix divides the subregion into 46 areas or sectors. By clicking on any of the areas, a list of all the snakes endemic to that particular area will be displayed.

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